Etto Team

Etto’s Norwegian and Scandinavian location has enabled the company to support and make a contribution to Norwegian cycle sports for many years. Etto has been partnered with the talented road racing team, Team Joker, for many years. Etto has also supported a number of other talented road racing and off-road teams and cyclists. Our partners provide us with quick, valuable information about our products and give us ideas for new products and improvements. Etto will also continue making a contribution to Norwegian and Scandinavian cycle sports in the future.

Read more about our teams here:

Team Joker

Team Joker Pro Cycling is the leading professional road racing team in Norway. Since the start in 2006, the team has sent 11 riders on to professional bicycling on a higher level, including Edvald Boasson Hagen and Aleksander Kristoff. Team Joker is registered as UCI Continental team.In 2016 the team is headed by Sports Directors Gino van Oudenhove and Svein Erik Vold.
The team consists of the following 11 riders:
  • Reidar Bohlin Borgersen (NOR)
  • Ole Forfang (NOR)
  • Kristoffer Halvorsen (NOR)
  • Markus Hoelgaard (NOR)
  • Bjørn Tore Hoem (NOR)
  • Amund Grøndahl Jansen (NOR)
  • Truls Engen Korsæth (NOR)
  • Philip Lindau (SWE)
  • Anders Skaarseth (NOR)
  • Adrian Aas Stien (NOR)
  • Edvin Wilson (SWE)

The Etto riders in Team Joker Byggtorget have had a great season – read more about it and watch video here.

Team Sepura Toyota

Norway’s leading MTB team, UCI registered both for marathon and cross country. The team has a good mixture of routine and upcoming talents in both divisions. The team is for 2016 headed by Team Manager Ove Sollie.

The team consists of the following 5 riders:

  • Ingrid Bøe Jacobsen (NOR) – cross country
  • Marius Grødahl Andresen (NOR) – cross country
  • Lars Granberg (NOR) – marathon
  • Vidar Mehl (NOR) – marathon
  • Fredrik Edin (SWE) – marathon

Team Lillehammer

Lillehammer CK is one of Norway’s most significant bicycle clubs and has long traditions in developing riders. Etto is sponsoring the elite section of Lillehammer CK, both for road racing and mountain biking.

The elite road racing team for 2016 consists of 9 riders:

  • Eirik Bjørnebo Langerud (NOR)
  • Vegard Børsheim (NOR)
  • Per Strømseth (NOR)
  • Rasmus Tiller (NOR)
  • Tobias Foss (NOR)
  • Jarand Kleppan (NOR)
  • Torjus Sleen (NOR)
  • Hans Kristian Haadem Rudland (NOR)
  • Eirik Josten (NOR)

The MTB elite team for 2016 consists of 6 riders:

  • Sigurd Salberg Pedersen (NOR)
  • Erik Nordsæter Resell (NOR)
  • Erik Hægstad (NOR)
  • Audun Øverbye Hansen (NOR)
  • Eirik Pettersen (NOR)
  • Petter Fagerhaug (NOR)

Petter Fagerhaug is currently one of Norway’s most talented bicyclists and is in the lead of the Norway Cup (Norgescup) in the senior group. Petter is using the Scalpel, and confirms that it works excellently also for mountain biking: “I am very happy with my Etto Scalpel! I have tested it in all kinds of weather, and it exceeds my expectations. Light weight, aerodynamic, looks great and, most importantly, provides total protection. In other words, a perfect helmet for an xc cyclist!”


Team FixIT is registered as «UCI Continental Team» and is one of Norway’s best achieving professional road racing teams. The team is located in Bergen. For 2016, the team is headed by Manager Jan R. Jensen and Sports Director Frode J. Jacobsen.

The bicycling team consists of the following 10 riders:

  • Adrian Gjølberg (NOR)
  • Åsmund Løvik (NOR)
  • Even Rege (NOR)
  • Filip Eidsheim (NOR)
  • Henrik Sandal (NOR)
  • Jan W. Jensen (NOR)
  • Marius A. Hafsås (NOR)
  • Ole A. Austevoll (NOR)
  • Sindre E. Hermansen (NOR)
  • Torstein Stokkenes (NOR)

In short – the best i have worn in a race!

This year Team FixIT has been given the possibility to ride with the very best helmets and sports glasses on the market, Etto and Swisseye. The riding equipment is important in a sport like bicycling, where the competition is tight and not only seconds, but hundredths, counts. Glasses which provide a good and clear view as well as an aerodynamic helmet, can make the difference between a victory and the second place. With Swisseye Novena glasses and Etto Scalpel helmets, Team FixIT will be able to perform in the elite division.

Personally, I have used the Swisseye Novena in several races now, and I have never had glasses that are this user friendly. The glasses have 3 sets of exchangeable lenses, so that you always have an optimal view no matter the weather conditions. The lenses are easy to change, and the adjustable nose bridge secures a perfect fit. I have used several glasses before, which have caused trouble in rainy weather due to condensation. This has never been an issue with Novena.

The Etto Scalpel has an ideal shape with aerodynamic properties in addition to excellent ventilation. It has all the functions you would ask for in a good helmet, a.o. shade parking in front and very flexible adjustment solutions. The most important point is the fit, it is well placed on the head at all times, and is by far the most comfortable helmet I have worn.