Just enjoy!

Explore redefines Etto’s style and way of making ski and snowboard helmets. The name clues you in on what this helmet is all about. Inmold tech makes it extremely light and comfortable to wear. Explore is equipped with Etto’s powerstrap adjustment system for optimal fit. It is presented in 2 different sizes. Explore has earpad with a protective fabric outside, and a vented insert for better hearing. Comfortable inside pads designed to keep you warm, but not overheat. Three dull coated straight color variants to match your style. The shape of Explore makes it attractive not only jibbing in the park or freeskiing outside the slopes, it’s also wearable during the party afterwards. Just enjoy!



  • Extremely light
  • Adjustable fitting
  • Safe and comfortable

Material: Polycarbonate/EPS Inmold
Size: 54-58/57-61 cm
Weight: 360/380g