Introducing the new junior helmet

The Haze helmet for junior cyclists has a modern look with shaped vents, trendy colours and not least a magnetic lock. The maglock will quickly be a favourite among the youngsters, as it is so easy to lock/unlock even when wearing gloves. The helmet is inmold with a full cover plastic shell, for maximum safety. The neck strap is equipped with the adjustable PSS5 system, which ensures that the helmet fits tight and comfortably.Etto haze hjelm til barn turkis og marineblå med magnetisk lås


  • Inmold
  • Magnetic lock
  • Full cover shell
  • Reflector
  • PSS5 adjustable neck strap
  • Good ventilation
  • Appealing colors and design

Material: Polycarbonate/EPS inmolded

Size: 47-51/52-57

Weight: 227/242 g