PC (Polycarbonate) – PC is a strong and hard plastic material that is easy to shape when heated. These characteristics makes it suitable for helmets produced by Inmold or Carbontech Inmold processes. PC is used as outer shell.

PETG (Polyethylene terepthalate glycol) – PETG is also a strong and hard plastic material used for outer shells on Etto’s glued models. It is a material that doesn’t resist heat as well as PC, and it is therefore not used in Inmold production. PETG replaced other materials because it doesn’t release toxic substances when heated.

ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) – ABS is a plastic material with high impact resistance. ABS also works well under cold conditions.

Carbon – Etto uses real carbon for some models to strengthen the structure of the helmets. The carbon is then molded into the construction by our “Carbontech Inmold” process.

EPS (expanded polystyrene) – EPS is also a plastic material. Etto uses only EPS of high quality with a density making the helmet perfect for impact absorption and long lasting. EPS is the inner liner and the main part for impact absorption in a helmet.

EVA – EVA is a material used to increase impact absorption. In some Etto models it is combined with EPS. EVA is extremely flexible yet though material.


Inmold PC shell fused together with EPS liner in one operation created by pressure, heat and steam. PC shell is vacuum formed to the correct shape before inmold process. Inmold has the advantage in the light weight achieved, and protection is fulfilled through the force spread characteristic offered by the PC/EPS fusion: by impact from outside the impact forces are spread over a larger area of the human skull, reducing the risk of injury.

Carbontech Inmold Inmold production where also the carbon reinforcements are molded in the same process. Used for helmets with large air vents.

Glued Shell and EPS produced separately, and glued together in the final assembly. Shell protects the EPS and provides a design or the helmet. An easy and reasonable production method.

Hard shell: Injection molded ABS or PC outer shell, combined together with inner liner of EPS. Hard shell offers very good protection through the characteristics of the PC/ABS-material which is very solid and strong material. Hard shells protect effectively from outside impact. With the hard shell technology it is possible to make very deep shells, offering a full cover protection.


MIPS is developed by brain surgeons and scientists to reduce rotational forces on the brain caused by angled impacts to the head. Most head injuries in connection with bike accidents occur while moving/ falling, and the rotational forces may cause concussion or severe brain trauma. The MIPS system will reduce the injuries by absorbing parts of the rotational forces. An inner layer of hard plastic is fitted into an ordinary bike helmet with 4 flexible anchor points, and will slide slightly once the helmet hits the ground, thereby easing the impact on the brain.


strammesystem_width-4The Etto helmets are equipped with an extra adjustment mechanism, called the Etto Powerstrap® System, so that the helmets fit each individual in the best possible way. By turning the small wheel clockwise, the helmet is adjusted to be just as tight as you find comfortable. On PSS4 the fastening wheel can also be moved vertically on the back straps, in order to be placed in the most convenient way in the back of your head. The ergonomic hoops on each side of the turning wheel are camouflaged behind cushions, and are therefore not noticeable.

From 2016 certain models will be equipped with the PSS5 adjustment system. This version has one additional fastening point at the center of the helmet, which facilitates fine tuning height wise. In addition the PSS5 has a broader range and can be adjusted even more than the PSS4. This makes the powerstrap system even more flexible and provides excellent adjustment possibilities of the helmet.

It is vital that the helmet is fastened tight and correctly when used. Only then will it provide adequate protection.


fidlock-system_width-4City Safe and Champery helmets, comes with the new Fidlock® fastener. This is a magnetic helmet lock that closes automatically and can be opened single-handedly with ease – even when wearing gloves. The innovative fastener concept includes aneodymium magnet that is slid sideways with a stable, mechanical snap fastener, which makes it easy to close and secures a continuously strong locking force.